'Song' is the secret!

'Song' is the secret!

There are many reasons why people practise Tai Chi. I started Tai Chi purely for health reasons. I knew nothing about it except the stereotype of old people moving slowly; I was totally unaware of the art of Tai Chi. The art aspect kept me intrigued but mostly I continued because of the amazingly generous and genuine people I have met; a true embodiment of ‘Song’ mind and ‘Song’ heart. From Sydney, to Malaysia and to China I have met wonderful friends and teachers. In some way everyone you practise with is your teacher but I feel lucky that I have had a few insightful and helpful teachers.

I still do Tai Chi for health, but I have watched as friends have started developing the art from a method developed by Grandmaster Huang Sheng Shyan through Master Foong Choon Sang. Late in his life Grandmaster Huang developed what was called the ‘new method’, based on being totally Song and not using force; ‘Utmost light’ , ‘Utmost Soft’ and ‘Emptiness Through Song’ (refer to Fundamental Training at www.huangtaichitenom.com/eclasses.html).

Whatever training you do and whatever style of Tai Chi you do, if the method has been proven then it is important to trust what you are being taught but also question what you are being taught.

My notes are comprised from various workshops and training sessions with additional notes from my friend Nick. Even though I am doing a specific style, I hope these notes may be of some help in aspects of your Tai Chi. As Master Foong often stresses “There is no right or wrong way, just different!”

Keep smiling and keep Song! (-:p

'One may explain water, but the mouth will not become wet.'       [Takuan Soho 1573-1645]


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